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The Initial Process

Expect to have feelings.

The possibility of beginning or returning to therapy can be an anxiety producing expereince. Some people feel quite worried, while others may feel relieved to have a safe place to talk. It's often a bit of both.  

Contact me.

You're welcome to call, e-mail, or text me to set up an appointment. I will get back in touch with you generally the same day and occasionally by the next day. Once you contact me, I'll want to find 10-15min to speak briefly by phone to set up a time to meet in person. 

Meet in person.

We'll find a time to meet for a free, in person, 45 minute, consultation during which we will try to: 

  • Briefly gain an understanding of the difficulties you experience (emotional stability, relationships, marriage, family, education, employment, etc.).
  • Get a sense of whether or not you could see yourself working with me.
  • Think together about what you'd like to get out of therapy.
  • Decide on whether or not to meet for a fuller initial consultation period of 3-4 sessions.  

Meet for a full initial consultation of 3-4 sessions.

During this time, we'll continue where we left off in the free consultation and I'll want to get a more in depth understanding of the challenge your facing, your history, and by the end of of this period of time I'll give you my recommendations for what I think will be most helpful for you given my understanding of your situation at that point in time.  

What makes therapy work well?

  • Patience, respect, and curiosity.
  • Trust, this will take some time to develop.
  • A willingness to talk about whatever is on your mind.
  • Discussing any thoughts or feelings you have about working with me as your psychotherapist.

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