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For therapy to work well it takes an investment of your time and mine. Typically, I meet with people at a frequency of once or twice a week. For some people who are highly motivated for change or going through a crisis, I meet more than twice a week. 

During the week, I offer morning, day, and evening times. I also offer Sunday afternoon appointments. Appointments are 45 minutes. Please contact me to discuss my current availability.        


My fees are consistent with my level of expertise and training in the area. Many of the people I work with receive some reimbursement for therapy from their insurance by using their out-of-network benefits. If you do not have out-of-network benefits and are interested in working with me because of my approach, we can discuss a sliding scale fee.

The most important aspect of therapy is the relationship between therapist and patient. Because of this, I offer a free 45 minute, in person, consultation for you to get a sense of what it would be like to work with me. During this free consultation, we'll get to sit down and meet, I'll want to hear about the problem that's bringing you in and I'll give you some of my initial thoughts about what's going on for you. If we decide to move forward, we'll meet for an initial consultation period of 3-4 sessions during which I'll get a better sense of who you are, the challenges you're facing and your history. Toward the end of the initial consultation period I'll give my recommendations for treatment.

Please contact me by form submission on this site, e-mail at or by phone at 301-938-3890, to set up a free, 45 minute, in person consultation. I look forward to meeting and exploring the possibility of our working together.

Cancellation Policy

A full 24 hour cancellation notice is required.


As a licensed clinical social worker, my professional services qualify for patient reimbursement under most insurance plans. My fees are generally considered to be within the acceptable range (URC) by insurance companies, and psychotherapy is often covered by insurance.

If you want to use your "out-of-network" insurance benefits during our work together please call the member services phone number on the back of your insurance card. You will want to ask them several questions and it's a good idea to be prepared to write down what they tell you.

It's helpful if you specifically ask the following questions:

1. Do I have out-of-network benefits?

2. Do I have a deductible and how much is it?

3. Do I have an out-of-pocket maximum for the year and what is it?

4. Does my deductible count toward my out-of-pocket maximum for the year?

5. What is the reimbursement rate for "out-patient mental health"?

6. Do I have a limit on sessions per year?

7. Do I need authorization?

8. Where do I send claims to and how long will it typically take in order to be


Karen E. Sherwood, LCSW-C, LLC

Adult, Adolescent, Couple, Family, and Marriage Counseling

847-E Quince Orchard Boulevard

Gaitherburg, MD 20878

Call: 301-938-3890


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